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4 tips for designing wine labels

On this blog, we’ve discussed the significance of labels on the purchase appeal of wine varieties. For amateur vintners, small wine companies and large manufacturers alike, arriving at the best design can persuade shoppers who are on the fence between two different varieties. Here are some features to consider carefully:

Written information. Successful labels are informative. They should clearly state the type of wine, origin of the grapes and tell a little bit about the vintning process. Remember that wine inherently appeals to the senses, and conjures images of a lifestyle that your label can help illustrate with words. All wine labels are effectively trying to do the same thing, and drawing on the same reserve of words and selling points. Put the information that sets your wine apart from the others front and center. 

Fonts. Some fonts are modern and sleek; others are classic and timeless. Whimsical fonts can highlight more playful brands, while an antique typeface suggests tradition and establishment. Making fonts consistent with the brand experience you hope to convey is essential to articulating your product. 

Graphics or images. With pictures on wine labels, less is more. Remember that the label on a 750 milliliter wine bottle is only so many square inches, so resolution and visibility are a concern, especially if an image obscures the written text. A stock photo of grapes or a vineyard might seem redundant or generic, while an elegant sketch or watercolor effect could lend a handcrafted impression. 

Colors. Whether you go with a restrained palette of two or three colors, striking monochrome or a loud cacophony of shades, make sure your choices are deliberate. None of those options is wrong, per se, but the trick is figuring out which combination of colors matches your brand. You might even find that color-blocking is most effective. 

With an industrial label printer, you can minimize third-party costs and make these creative decisions in-house. 

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