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A Label Printer for Every Industry

Small businesses in any given industry will have unique needs relating to their product labeling. These independent companies must stay aware of the requirements governing their processes and meet them all, lest they face regulatory actions such as fines. This means the decision process around what label printer to buy is slightly different for any given company, depending on the traits its finished labels must possess.

It’s worthwhile for company leaders to take adequate time to figure out the best label printer for their particular needs. If they choose correctly, it can lead to efficient in-house production for years to come. The following are a few of the considerations various producers will face, as well as possible printers to suit their needs.


There will be ingredient disclosure rules to obey.

The health and beauty product sector has a few unique labeling challenges that set it apart. First of all, these items are often stored in consumers’ bathrooms, meaning they’re regularly exposed to water and steam. Furthermore, the products themselves can damage labels in the event of a spill. Depending on the country a company sells its items in, there will also be a particular set of ingredient disclosure rules to obey, such as the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act in the U.S.

Companies that print their cosmetics labels in-house can quickly adapt to regulatory changes or labeling trends. The VIPColor V485 is one printer that can help meet these requirements.

Beer and Wine

When companies are in the business of producing wine or beer, they have to create labels that won’t break down during transport or shelving, and provide a variety of information. U.S. wine, for example, must list statistics such as its alcohol percentage and vintage. Beer labels must carry relevant alcohol warnings and ingredient lists.

The aforementioned V485 may be a vineyard’s best bet for its wine labels, while brewers may have beer labeling success with the Primera LX1000.

Prepared Foods

Whether they are packaging goods in cans for long-term storage or printing stickers for items that will be refrigerated for a few days and then purchased, food producers have very specific labeling requirements defined by their respective countries’ authorities. Speed and legibility are the priorities when it comes to ensuring food consumers are adequately informed about what they’re eating.

A Primera printer such as the LX1000 could give companies the mix of flexibility and power they’re looking for in a printer.

To learn more about the best potential printers for products of all kinds, check out DuraFast’s U.S. site or Canadian page.

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