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Add A Professional Look to Products with a Label Applicator

In-house label production is a great way for small companies to declare their independence, creating packaging on their own schedule and in the precise quantities needed. However, there are some challenges with adopting this method. Namely, the actual printing of labels isn’t the only step in getting them onto products. Applying those labels is its own process, and one that can undercut a brand’s efforts to make its items look more professional, at least when it is done poorly.

Companies can ensure their products’ packages look neat and uniform while fighting back against the tedium of applying labels by hand if they add an automatic label applicator to their production lines.

Enter the Applicator

The Primera AP360 Label Applicator is designed to turn applying custom product labels into an easy and repeatable process, removing the potential for error that comes with sticking on labels by hand.

Even a very short label print run can become a chore to apply manually, and having an automatic applicator in the office removes this step of the process. Every employee’s time is valuable at a small business, and therefore it’s clearly useful to spend that time on something other than sticking individual labels on products.

The applicator is designed to work with curved products – bottles, jars and cans are some of the most common package types it works with, and its usefulness expands to other cylindrical items.

Two Labels at Once

Products that need labels on their fronts and backs don’t require two passes with an applicator – brands simply need to pick a piece of hardware that’s up to the task. This is where the AP362 comes in. This version of the Primera applicator sticks two labels onto a jar, can or bottle simultaneously, allowing brands to turn their items out in a hurry – up to 1,200 packages per hour.

The applicators are run by a foot switch, and are designed to give flat label sticking, with no air bubbles creating wrinkles. Labels applied by hand may be applied crooked, or not lie completely flat on the product. Taking these labels off consumes time and resources, while leaving them on sends items to store shelves looking unprofessional.

The Right Hardware

Small companies deciding to bring their labeling operations in-house are taking on a major responsibility. The appearance of their products is now in their own hands, and the time investment needed to get them to customers comes from the companies’ own personnel. Using an automatic applicator is a way to ease this process – learn more on DuraFast’s U.S. site or Canadian page.

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