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Advantages of Memjet Label Printing

Choosing an ideal in-house label printer is not a decision to be made carelessly. Companies that want the independence and quality control that comes with printing their own labels can’t afford to spend on assets that don’t match their needs. Therefore, when examining the many potential printers on offer, decision-makers should consider details such as the process each device uses to create its images.

Memjet technology is a way of printing with dye-based inks that carries some unique traits and advantages. Present in some of today’s most promising in-house label printers, such as the Afinia A801, it’s worth investigating this process to see if it’s the right fit for a company’s particular needs.

Features of Memjet Printing

The ink used in Memjet printing is dye-based, as opposed to pigment-based. Its main distinguishing characteristic is lightning speed, printing even faster than LED laser print systems. Memjet print heads spread ink on a page during a single pass, instead of moving across the page multiple times. This approach ensures that the images come through in extreme clarity, but at a speed other printers can’t match.

The labels produced by Memjet printers from Afinia emerge at speeds of 30 to 60 feet per minute, beating the 30 feet per minute of similar printers that use laser printing. With a warm-up time under 10 seconds, print runs get underway in a heartbeat. The resolution – 1600 dpi – is highly impressive, proving that this printing method doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed.

The Afinia Product Line

One of the primary Memjet printers DuraFast offers is the Afinia A801. This printer will fit in at companies that need small or medium batches of labels, and want them to be vibrant and brilliant to look at – and emerge quickly. Combine these traits with a low ongoing cost of ownership – an indisputably important statistic for any small company – and you have a compelling print package.

The A801 can work with a wide variety of different media, and it can hold a large amount of its dye-based ink at one time, to ensure it will last longer between refills. The five ink tanks total 1.25 liters, with one each of cyan, magenta and yellow as well as two black ink compartments.

Companies planning to bring their label printing in-house would be wise to consider Afinia printers for their needs. They can inspect the A801 on the DuraFast website – click here for the U.S. version, or here if you’re in Canada.

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