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Bee pesticides could be dangerous to humans, European study shows

Warnings to humans to stay cautious around pesticides are nothing new, but in the world of industrial labels, every specific guideline may require a new line of text to appear on the labels that you intend to distribute with your products.

More concern has been expressed about the impact that pesticides may be having on bees around the world, and how the pesticides we use might also contribute to medical problems in humans. The European Food Safety Authority has addressed this in a recent press release, which calls for better testing of the harmful compounds these products could contain.

The two specific neurotoxins that seem to have prompted this wave of worry, acetamiprid and imidacloprid, are noted in the release for having potentially damaging neurological consequences, especially in children, depending on the amount of exposure that potential victims leave themselves open to.

Some of the release discussed the preventative approach that the agency encourages, including consistent examination of developmental neurotoxicity (here called DNT) as it happens.

“EFSA therefore supports the establishment of clear and consistent criteria to trigger the mandatory submission of DNT studies as part of the authorization process in the EU,” the piece said.

But as the New York Times notes, even relatively even-handed pieces like this, which so clearly targets the companies that make these chemicals, can draw contention from the companies that make them. Companies like Bayer CropScience have defended the safety of their products.

Pesticide labels may not need to be changed until after a long period of deliberation, but when it happens, the right printer can make compliance a simpler endeavor.

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