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Big Brewers Will Adopt Nutrition Labeling

Almost all packaged foods and beverages sold in the U.S. include nutritional information. But there are some glaring exceptions, and one of those is alcoholic beverages.

Chances are, your can or bottle of beer does not have any nutritional information on its label. Though the container must display alcohol content, consumers generally have to look elsewhere to learn about calorie or sugar counts. But this may soon change, according to a recent announcement by The Beer Institute.

Transparency helps build consumer trust.

In a recent press release, the trade group said that six brewers – including Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors – plan to voluntarily list calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat content on their product labels by 2020. They will also either list ingredients directly or provide a web address or QR code that links to where this information could be found.

All told, the companies that have signed on to the “Brewers Voluntary Disclosure Initiative” are responsible for about 80 percent of all beer consumed by Americans annually. This move will likely please consumers who are increasingly concerned about the contents and nutritional quality of their food and drink.

“Providing meaningful information will ultimately empower the consumer when making decisions regarding the beer beverage of their choice,” said Jim McGreevy, Beer Institute President and CEO.

Though the many small craft breweries who make up the remaining 20 percent of beer sales are not bound by this voluntary agreement, they may want to consider it in any case. Transparency helps build consumer trust. But if you do choose to embark on a label redesign, it’s important to have the right printer on hand. 

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