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Checkoff systems yield memorable ad campaigns

From “Got Milk?” to “Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives,” you may wonder where funding for non-branded, general interest label campaigns comes from. Those campaigns (as well as “Pork: The Other White Meat” and others) are funded through a “checkoff” system, which assesses producers in those markets a certain nominal percentage on revenues to bankroll promotional campaigns. 

Recently, a proposal to implement a checkoff system to raise awareness about organic products has created a discussion. 

“For the proposed organic checkoff, farmers who bring in more than $250,000 a year would be assessed one-tenth of one percent of their gross revenue annually, minus the cost of certified organic goods, such as seed,” explains WLRN Miami. “If an organic farmer makes $1 million in net organic revenue, they could be assessed upwards of $1,000.”

Some say that the organic food market needs that level of organization to promote itself, while others bristle at the cost. There is an undeniable benefit of elevating something like milk to the public consciousness with unforgettable iconography. Checkoffs promote the entire marketplace without giving larger manufacturers a competitive advantage over smaller businesses in the industry. From that perspective, the system is more democratic than brand-specific marketing campaigns. 

If your company manufactures organic, fair-trade, GMO-free or any other specially certified products, don’t wait for the marketplace to organize itself around promoting those benefits. With an industrial label printer, your business can take charge of its own marketing efforts with creative, memorable campaigns. Labels are the perfect canvas to articulate brand values like organic farming and eschewing additives. 

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