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Chemical labels can assist in hazardous waste cleanup

This blog has previously underlined the importance of having proper chemical labels no matter the age of the chemicals in question. Whether a company is involved in distribution, transportation or storage, it is essential for all items to have a description of what is inside and how individuals should handle them. 

According to KFBM, a local CBS affiliate, a man dropped off dangerous chemicals at a landfill in California this past weekend, which prompted hazmat officials and the San Diego Bomb Squad to be called in. About one liter worth of tetrahydrofuran was left behind, in a clearly marked steel container.

“It was a small quantity of tetrahydrofuran. Which is basically a flammable liquid,” SDFD Hazmat Specialist Gerad Rodriguez told the news source. “And the concern with it is that as it sits, it ages and develops organic peroxides that can be explosive.”

A robot was used to handle the chemical and it was then moved to a safe distance and detonated, reported KFBM.

In this situation, having a label was able to alert authorities of what was inside, which helped them create a plan for safe disposal.

Regardless of how a company needs to discard various materials, if there are not legible and up-to-date chemical labels in place, it can be difficult to keep all individuals involved safe. Durable labels that adhere to GHS labeling standards can highlight how manufacturers or distributors need to transport, store, handle and dispose of dangerous items.

This can not only keep employees safe, but also any residential areas or businesses that might be nearby. When a company invests in a color label printer that can handle mass productions of accurate labels, there will be no questions regarding what is inside a chemical drum or barrel.

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