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China releases new regulations for cosmetic labels

Cosmetic manufacturers in the United States must comply with standards from the Food and Drug Administration and other domestic regulatory bodies. However, with the rise of ecommerce, those companies may find themselves trading with consumers and business partners around the world. For foreign transactions, cosmetics firms must be particular about compliance with international and country-specific regulations that dictate labeling.

For example, last month China released new standards for cosmetics companies that require labels to be printed in Chinese for the benefit of consumers. All information besides the company’s overseas address and a conventional glossary of phrases must be translated for Chinese consumers, including indications and warnings. The new standards also require companies to submit labels to a master database and to address any warnings for toxic, flammable and otherwise sensitive ingredients or materials.

Just as the United States enforces standards for foreign manufacturers whose cosmetics are imported, American makers should familiarize themselves with the laws and expectations on exporting goods to foreign countries. For a small operation, this could be a taxing and daunting set of hoops to jump through, though custom label printing can make the challenge easier to meet. Tailoring a company’s label strategy to accommodate international bylaws can best be done in-house with an industrial label printer, rather than hiring a third party.

Consumers around the world are entitled to clear, legible cosmetics labels that enhance their experience with a particular brand or product. By communicating with consumers as directly as possible in their own language, your international following will grow to trust and depend on your brand. Companies looking to expand overseas should diligently consider labeling that is both compliant and provides the best information to new markets.

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