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Christmas Labels to Make Your Gifts and Presents Amazing!

christmas labels

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but also one of the most hectic times of the year. With so much to do for a special and memorable holiday, time-saving tactics are so important to get the most out of this time of year.

Christmas labels can aid your small business in making products a bit more festive and ready to serve as gifts or presents. Or, you can print off the perfect Christmas address labels to send to friends, acquaintances or customers to show how much you care this time of year.

Common use cases for Christmas labels include:

  • Custom gift tags
  • Christmas card address labels
  • Christmas card return address labels
  • Business labels for customizing products for the holidays
  • Business shipping labels for delivering presents

We’ll explain how to create custom labels to make your holidays extra special to celebrate any occasion.

label printer

Design Your Own Christmas Labels 

Having a label maker at home or your business means you don’t have to go to the store and select generic gift tags. Instead, you can make it personal with custom design labels.

Add your own character and charm and pre-fill the from line to make the wrapping process faster. All you need is a template for the dimensions of the labels you want to print and then you can let your creativity flow from there.

For businesses, this can mean creating custom product labels just for the holiday season to make special gifts. For example, candle companies can add holiday charm to their products that perhaps they keep all year round.

Cinnamon is a calming and enjoyable scent that customers might select at any time of the year. But at the holidays, it brings back special memories of the good times with loved ones. Creating special labels that encourage this nostalgia can delight your customers and boost your product sales.

And with a label maker at your business, you can print these labels on demand so that you avoid a large stock of holiday-themed products once the holidays have passed. Too much holiday inventory could lead to income loss that you want to avoid.

Download Illustrations from Free Image Websites

Whether you’re creating gift tags for your presents or customizing your store’s product labels, you can use free image websites to help you get started with designing your custom labels. 

If you’re using the illustrations for your business, just be certain they’re free for commercial use. 

And make sure that the illustrations are large enough to print clearly on the size of labels you select. Increasing the size of the illustration too much could make it look pixelated and unattractive. 

Pre-Designed Christmas Labels

If you aren’t interested in designing custom labels for your Christmas gifts this year, you can find pre-designed Christmas labels that are compatible with your label maker. This is a great idea if you want to be festive but without all the work.

There are several Dymo compatible labels out there that already have all the spirit of the holidays already printed on them. All you have to do is select your message and the names of your gift recipients and you’ll be ready to start gifting.

Your label maker doesn’t have to add work for you this holiday season. Instead, allow it to help you save time and relax more to soak up the joy the season can bring.

Create a Mail Merge to Print Christmas Gift Labels

If you have a large list of people to buy for and gifts to wrap this year, consider creating a mail merge for your Christmas gift labels. That way, you don’t have to fill out the “to” field on your labels and can keep wrapping quickly. 

Just make a list of everyone you’ll be gifting this year and set it up in a spreadsheet. Then use a mail merge operation to set up the labels you need to print to make gifting simple this year.

If you want to further personalize your labels, you can group your friends and family according to the style of gift tag you want to use for them. That might mean fancier gift tags for the adults on your list and tags for children that are a little more fun.

Printing Christmas Card Return Address Labels

Christmas cards are another fun way to celebrate the season. Keep in touch with loved ones and share a recent family photo and update once a year to keep everyone informed of what you’ve been doing lately.

Preparing Christmas cards can take a great deal of time. To speed things up, you can print off custom Christmas card return address labels.

You can use these same labels to print off your Christmas address labels using a mail merge. Look for templates from your label printer’s manufacturer to speed up the process.

Keep It Simple with a Tape Label Printer

The holidays are a time to get together with family, take time off work and relax. Too much emphasis on the commercial part of this time of year can add stress to your life instead of eliminating it.

You can print simple Christmas gift labels off a tape label printer. This adds incredible ease to the process because you can create and print these labels as you go without the need for a computer or any additional programs.

Tape label printers print in black and white, but you can get label tape in other colors, such as red to bring in the holiday spirit.

You’ll know what gifts go to who while enjoying incredible ease and a relaxing and enjoyable wrapping experience. No more worrying about filling out gift tags with each present that you wrap. You’ll instead enjoy ease and simplicity.

Want to simplify someone else’s holiday? Give an early gift of a tape label maker to help them enjoy the season even more thanks to simplicity. Or, offer to print a friend or family member’s gift labels or Christmas card address labels from your label maker to help them stress less.

‘Tis the season for simplicity and productivity tools to give you more time to drink hot cocoa, bake cut-out cookies with your little ones, or attend holiday get-togethers instead of spending it worrying about handwriting Christmas card address labels and gift tags. Use your label printer to free up more time for the activities that matter this holiday season.

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