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Prime Labels

Compact Color Printers Can Meet Small Business Needs

Businesses need great labels for all sorts of applications, ranging from safety notifications to barcodes containing shipping information. But when it comes to marketing a product, nothing is more important than the prime label – which is what shoppers see on store shelves. An attractive, well-designed label may be what it takes to get people to look at your offering, rather than those of the competition.

There was a time when only the largest companies could afford to produce attractive prime labels, but those days are over. Today, small businesses and startups can use compact color label printers to create high-resolution, full color prints right at their desks.

An attractive, well-designed label may be what it takes to get people to look at your offering.

In an interview with Superb Crew, DuraFast Label Company President Basat Khalifa explained that while there are many excellent black-and-white printers on the market, they cannot match the ability of compact color printers to produce small quantities of stylish labels as needed.

For instance, Durafast sells the Primera LX500, which prints at 4,800 dots per square inch. It’s small size and ease of use makes it a great on-demand printer for businesses looking to create labels for initial product runs.

While larger printing services tend to require minimum orders that may be far more than what your business needs, owning a compact printer frees you from this requirement. It’s a level of versatility that small firms need to get off the ground.

Durafast offers a number of different printing solutions that help you develop the labels you need for your branding efforts. Contact us today!

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