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Consumers Seek More Transparency From Their Favorite Brands

In marketing, as in so many other areas of life, honesty is often the best policy.

Sure, it can be tempting to stretch the truth when designing a label – or at least putting a greater emphasis on certain aspects of a product and downplaying others. But a new survey by Label Insight shows that most consumers are looking for companies to be straight with them.

Of the 2,021 people who were polled, 94 percent said they would be more loyal to brands that were transparent about what goes into their products. In fact, 73 percent said they would pay more for such products, and 56 percent said that they would be “loyal for life.”

Most consumers are looking for companies to be straight with them.

Patrick Moorhead, chief marketing officer at Label Insight, explained to NBC News that consumers hunger for more information about what they buy.

To many, the detailed Nutrition Facts and ingredient labels are on food products are no longer satisfactory. Shoppers want to know the origins of each ingredient, as well as any potential allergens.

One problem, of course, is collecting all of that information and putting it in one place.

“The process [of packaging a food] involves a variety of different stakeholders ranging from nutritionists and formulation experts, to those sourcing ingredients who may not talk that much about where the soybean oil, [for example] came from,” Moorhead said.

Another issue is that firms must decide how best to display this information on their labels. Print too much and the labels end up being unacceptably large, but show too little and consumers may be skeptical. 

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