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Could fragrance label transparency be the next trend?

Today’s consumers want to know exactly what they are putting in, on or around their body. The rise in health-conscious purchasing decisions has led to a variety of ingredient labeling transparency initiatives, including the current GMO labeling debate, more accurate meat labeling initiatives and gluten-free regulations. Now, SC Johnson has become the first major corporation to disclose all of the fragrance ingredients in its perfumes and other scented products. 

For decades, the US Fair Packaging and Labeling Act has protected manufacturers from disclosing “trade secrets” in the form of what ingredients make up their particular perfume or cosmetics. However, the industry has been under fire from consumer advocacy groups to disclose their ingredients on their perfume and cosmetic labels for some time. 

“Various groups have been pushing SC Johnson for a long time, but I think it’s a really big deal that they’re doing this,” Stacy Malkan, co-founder of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics told The Guardian. “They’re the first big company to disclose all fragrance ingredients.”

Malkan explained that a number of allergens and hormone-disrupting chemicals could possibly be used in fragrances without consumers’ knowledge. She believes that SC Johnson is just the first of many manufacturers to begin disclosing more information about chemicals contained in their products. 

This change in trends evidences the need for manufactures to be able to quickly adapt to market demands. It is crucial for businesses to use their labels as effectively as possible to gain positive consumer perception and a competitive advantage. 

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