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Customers Demand Premium Packaging

The rise of online shopping means that fewer consumers are browsing shelves at physical retailers for their favorite products. This means that the look of these packages is more important than ever.

A study conducted by Dotcom Distribution found that 40 percent of online shoppers said they would be more likely to purchase a product wrapped in premium packaging. In fact, it appears that this number has grown as more retailers adopt the practice.

Some retailers are benefiting by making their packaging more ‘gift-like.’

“Shoppers want to be convinced that they made the right choice in ordering and that what they chose is upscale and worth the price,” Dotcom Distribution CEO Maria Haggerty told Packaging Digest. “Packaging appears to have a very convincing role in that process.”

For instance, Haggerty said that some retailers are benefiting by making their packaging more “gift-like.” Instead of placing the product in a simple brown corrugated cardboard box, retailers can create multi-stage packaging that is actually interesting to open. 

It could reflect a particular design aesthetic – think Apple’s iconic iPhone boxes – or it could contain product information printed in a unique way that catches consumers’ eyes.

Haggerty argues that most shoppers want to place their online orders as soon as possible. However, they still have a sense of nostalgia for the slower pace of pre-internet shopping. By offering more gift-like packaging, sellers can heighten the experience of receiving a new product, increasing satisfaction.

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