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Debates ensue over Canadian label requirements for cars

Accurate labels are a necessity for numerous industries. Whether a company is manufacturing food, pieces of medical equipment or even hazardous chemicals, durable labels that adhere to federal requirements are crucial to customer safety and a business’ longevity.

In Canada, there have been several debates over the government requiring mandatory fuel economy labels for all vehicles. Natural Resources Canada (NRC) made the proposal, which would go into effect in 2016. However, the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association claims that the move is unnecessary, as many customers can look up product information on the internet.

Guillaume Berube, spokesman for NRC, spoke with The StarPhoenix and explained that since consumers might have a plethora of information available about products online, the mandatory labels could help those who do not have internet access.

Berube added that a new methodology would be created to track overall fuel efficiency in cars, which would then be included on the fuel economy labels. Three new additions include air conditioner usage, cold temperature operation and higher speeds with more rapid acceleration.

Dan Kane, dealer principal at Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac, explained to the news source that he has no issues with the mandatory labels and in fact looks forward to  having more detailed information available on them.

“Accurate information is always good,” he said.

Regardless of the specific industry in which a company does business, it is essential to have accurate information that adheres to all federal requirements. For example, companies that are manufacturing potentially dangerous materials must ensure that all chemical labels adhere to GHS labeling standards so clients can keep themselves safe.

Fuel economy labels for cars might not be as drastic as chemical labels, but all customers deserve accurate information on the products that they are buying.

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