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How to Design Cute Labels that Make Your Business Distinctive

Cute Labels

Product labels can make or break the deal. And if you’re selling on creative websites like Etsy, you want to ensure you have cute labels that match your target audience and their interests. 

But what makes a label cute and how do you know who your target audience is and what they are looking for? 

We outline how to design labels that make your business and your products distinctive. Here’s a look at some key concepts of product labels.

Cute Labels

How To Make Cute Labels for Products

So you want your products to look cute and attract new customers? Here’s what you should be doing to make that happen.

According to Canva, the trendiest colors are the following.

  • Cerulean, a crips baby blue
  • Quiet wave, a rich and vibrant green that is reminiscent of fresh mint (but not mint the color)
  • Burnt corral, a peachy pink, which was Pantone’s color of the year in 2019 but is hanging around
  • French blue, a close relative of cobalt blue but more homely and nostalgic
  • Marigold, a cheerful and comforting yellow with hints of golden orange
  • Rust, an earth-inspired brown that speaks to the colors of Autumn most often characteristic of bohemian brands
  • Green ash, has an almost gray tinge with a cooling and soothing effect
  • Brave ground, an earthy and timeless hue with a brown base
  • Raspberry sorbet, a tantalizing vibrant pink that also indicates a touch of elegance
  • Amethyst orchard, with jewel-toned hues and incredible depth, the color is both feminine and elegant

But what if you want to bring together multiple colors on your product labels in a trendy, yet fitting combination? Several color combinations are trending.

  • Sage and turmeric
  • Brown and red
  • Pastel green and light blue
  • Teal and red
  • Olive and terracotta
  • Mustard and wine
  • Petrol blue and blush pink
  • Rust and pink
  • Mustard and blue
  • Blue and gray

Brighter colors will give your customers a sense of confidence in your product. Ultimately, you have to find the right color that speaks to your product and your brand. But with the right choice and consistent use of your brand colors, your faithful customers will likely know which products are yours without even seeing a logo or company name.

2. Ensure Readability

Getting too cutesy with fonts and designs won’t help make your product distinctive because consumers won’t be able to read what it says or ascertain what brand the product is from.

When putting text on a product label, be sure that it is readable. Use simple fonts. Ideally, you want dark text on a light background or vice versa. The text should have high contrast in comparison with its background.

Be sure that your product meets the requirements for including vital information set forth. We’ve covered this topic on our blog all about hand sanitizer labels and food label requirements.

The text should not be smaller than 6 points but ideally, it should be 10 points or more. Use typography pairings to signify the importance of various pieces of information. Bolder, larger fonts should indicate the most important text on the label. 

And when choosing your typeface, be sure it matches your brand while also guaranteeing readability. 


3. Allow Room for White Space

White space helps designs stand out and look less overwhelming. Too much color and complicated designs will overwhelm the viewer. Don’t overdo it with your text and illustrations. 

Some designers fear that too much white space will look lazy or overly simplistic. But white space plays a role in product labels and allows each element to breathe and shine through. 

More white space also helps separate chunks of text or information on your labels. You might think that white is too boring to make your product labels cute. But that isn’t the case. 

4. Use More Visuals Than Words

It’s the era of show instead of tell. Your product will stand out if you use more visuals than words. Illustrations are very popular on labels now and will help make your products super cute. 

You don’t have to make these illustrations complicated to the point where they take over your product’s appearance. But you do want them to be distinctive and speak to what’s inside your product. 

5. Make it Original

Before you look at your competitors, think about who you want to be as a brand. You want to be original and make your designs stand out. Designs that feel copied or too much like other popular brands can make for challenging brand recognition. 

Although you want to be in with the modern trends, you don’t want to duplicate what you’re seeing entirely.

6. Keep Your Label Size in Mind

What looks great on a computer screen while designing might be too small once printed on your product. So all those cute elements that you added or small fonts might not be readable. 

While designing, consider how it will look once it is the actual size on the product. You can run some tests just by printing on regular printer paper in the size your label will be on your product.

And if you’re designing for multiple different-sized products, consider the smallest first. Generally, designs look fine when increased in size, but that isn’t always the case if you decrease their size to fit a different use case.

7. Don’t Forget Label Quality

Cute Labels

Even with a perfect and adorably cute product label, you can end up with a poor final impression if the label is of poor quality. Before purchasing labels consider what kinds of conditions customers will use your products under. For example, food labels should be water-resistant to avoid them bleeding or deteriorating if the food gets on the label. 

Or if you plan to ship your goods where they will go through temperature extremes, you don’t want any peeling or curling. 

High-quality labels make a difference in making your product distinctive and holding that cute design that you’ve worked so hard on. Don’t let poor-quality labels hurt your brand or your customer relationships. 

DuraFast Label Company offers outstanding labels that meet a variety of use cases and needs. So whether you’re looking to make your products look cute, masculine or adventurous, we’ll keep your design looking great to help you engage with customers. Shop direct thermal, inkjet, laser or RFID labels now.

Label Design FAQs

Still want to learn more about how to design the most attractive labels for your products? Here are answers to common label design questions.

How Can I Make Printable Labels for Free?

You can make printable labels for free by using Canva. You can search for labels from the menu and get started with a base design that you can edit to meet your product’s needs.

What Can I Use Instead of a Label Maker?

If you aren’t ready to invest in a label maker yet, you can use a laser printer. You’ll pay more for a laser printer than you will for an inkjet but this will print sharper, higher-quality labels.

Is It Cheaper to Print Your Own Labels?

While the initial cost of a label printer is not cheap, it will cost less per label in the long run.

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