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Design Packaging For Smartphone-Wielding Shoppers

When consumers shop, they aren’t just judging product packaging with their eyes alone. Increasingly, they’re using their smartphones, too.

As the proliferation of iPhones and Androids and other mobile device models reaches ubiquitous levels, it can be assumed that people are taking them wherever they go. For instance, TimeTrade’s ‘The State of Retail 2016″ found that 65 percent of consumers say they use their smartphones to compare prices, while just over half of them use their devices to research competing products. Along that same vein, a report from Deloitte Consulting found that 84 percent of shoppers used their smartphones to research products before or during shopping trips.

Consumers aren’t just judging products by their eyes alone.

The fact that shoppers have powerful computers in the palms of their hands means that they have access to a far wider selection of goods than ever before.

According to Peter Kallai, the executive director of the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association, retailers need to keep people engaged by designing packaging and labels that can communicate with smartphones.

Kallai told Packaging Digest that new technology like printable electronics would soon lead the way in the retail industry. But small businesses also have access to tried-and-true barcodes and, most recently, QR codes, which any smartphone can scan. They key is to design labels that position these scannable items in prominent locations so consumers will see them.

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