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DIY Product Labeling and Logo Design

Design a good logo for your product labels

DIY Product Labeling and Logo Design

Product labels and logos go hand-in-hand, playing an important role in branding your products. Desktop color label printers, label design software, and do-it-yourself logo design tools make it easier than ever to create your own custom product labels on a budget.

For any startup business, getting a logo made one of the first priorities. The logo becomes the company’s visual identity, and it will be featured on all of your product labels. While you could certainly spend months searching for a designer along with thousands of dollars to create your business logo, there’s another option: designing your own logo.

DIY logo design tools and templates exist that make it possible to design a professional-looking logo in a matter of minutes. If you’re short on time and need to get your products to market fast, this could be a viable — and affordable — option. 

Below are a few considerations when designing your own logo:

  • Decide between an icon-based, shape-based, or font-based logo — With an icon-based logo, your company name will be beside or underneath an icon representing your business or industry. With a shape-based logo, your company name will be surrounded by a shape such as a circle or rectangle. With a font-based logo, it’s all about the company name with minimal graphics.
  • Consider the font type — Do you want something whimsical or bold or would you prefer something more elegant or futuristic?
  • Consider your color choices — Color is a powerful influencer. In fact, color psychology is a sub-field of industrial psychology and is often used in marketing and logo design. For example, if you want to attract attention or convey movement and energy, red is a great choice. If you’re looking for a calmer aesthetic, consider using a soft green. To evoke a happy, fun, or warm feeling, consider using orange.
  • Consider your label requirements — Since you’ll be printing your new logo on your product labels, it’s not a bad idea to consider how it will look or fit on your labels. For example, if your products are tall and narrow, how will the shape of the logo look when placed on a tall and narrow label? Likewise, if you have your heart set on an all-white logo, is your color label printer capable of printing with white toner or will you need to add a dark background behind the logo in order for the white to show through?

Using an online logo design service is a fast and easy way to quickly design a professional logo for your business. After creating and downloading your logo, you can then import it into your label design software and begin designing and printing your own branded product labels, employee badges, visitors passes, shipping and address labels, retail tags, special event tickets, wristbands, and more.In order to print your own branded product labels, you’ll need a full color label printer and blank label stock. DuraFast Label Company has everything you need to get started including a large variety of high resolution, full color label printers from leading manufacturers, blank labels, tags, and wristbands, label design software, label printing accessories, and supplies.

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