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Don’t gloss over sell-by dates for cosmetics

For women with a wide variety of makeup at home, keeping an eye on expiration dates can go by the wayside. Consumers tend not to think about makeup and other cosmetics as they do food and medications. We’d never drink milk that was a month past its sell-by date, but what about eyeliner?

When designing cosmetic labels, it’s important to keep the expiration date as legible and prominent as possible. While it shouldn’t distract from your brand signatures, it reminds consumers when it’s time to stop using a product. The onus may fall on individual consumers to use cosmetics as safely as possible, but label designers can also do their part to ensure the facts are out in the open. 

“Keep a black sharpie marker in your makeup bag to write the date you opened the product on the container,” suggests The Huffington Post. “Most cosmetic labels have a month indicator on the back of the product for when the item expires. This will help you keep track of how long you’ve had the product opened and when to throw it out.”

You want consumers to experience your product at the peak of its functionality. If a nail polish is clumping or an eyeliner is drying out, consumers should understand that it’s a reflection of the product’s age and not the makeup itself. Making the sell-by date clear also presents a commercial opportunity: When someone notices the foundation or lipstick is past its prime, it’s time to buy a replacement.

With an industrial label printer, cosmetic brands can articulate all the necessary information about their products to keep customers informed. This can inspire loyalty and encourage repeat business. Contact us today to learn more about how custom label printing can take your business to the next level. 

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