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Industrial Labels

Good labeling can reduce improper chemical exposure

A new study by the Endocrine Society estimates that toxin exposure costs Europe nine figures each year in health care costs. The report indicated that the $209 billion European price tag is analogous to the United States, where consumer exposure to chemicals falls “on the same order of magnitude.”

“The study focuses on hormone-disrupting chemicals, which are present in products including plastics, electronics, pesticides, flame retardants and cosmetics,” explains Chem.info. “The chemicals are believed to play a role in neurological development in kids, obesity and diabetes, and contribute to male-reproductive disorders.”

For brands that manufacture, distribute and market household cleaners and other supplies, articulating the proper use and storage can help keep consumers safe. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates standards for chemical labeling, with new standards going into effect later this year. For chemical manufacturers to remain compliant and perform due diligence on behalf of customers, it’s critical to give comprehensive information on chemical labels

Some companies are burdened by protracted and inefficient relationships with third-party printing services. For the most flexible custom label printing strategy, buying an industrial label printer can give executives full control over how their brand is represented on packaging. This allows companies to adapt to new information and adhere to standards imposed by OSHA and other groups. By printing the best instructions and descriptions, businesses can reduce the toll of improper use and exposure on their customer base.  

Contact us today to learn about how designing labels in-house can make chemicals companies more flexible to the changing industry. Whether you sell products to businesses or consumers, providing complete and reliable information about toxins, indications and warnings promotes health and safety. 

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