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Great Packaging Increases Customer Enjoyment

We know that great packaging can increase product sales. In 2013, the journal Psychology & Marketing published an article arguing that, when measured by an fMRI machine, subjects exhibited stronger brain activity when viewing attractive packaging.

But can the type of packaging actually cause consumers to better enjoy the product contained within? In the case of food and beverages, there may be some evidence to support this notion. 

Can the type of packaging actually cause consumers to better enjoy the product contained within?

A study conducted by Which? in the U.K. asked respondents to taste and rate different brands of chocolate chip cookies. The testers were split into two groups, with only one shown the packaging that the cookies came in. Those in this group tended to rate the taste of the cookies much higher overall.

Even something as simple as color can have a surprisingly strong effect on taste. In 2011, this concept actually backfired on Coca-Cola when it embarked on a temporary redesign of its beverage cans.

The company created special white cans as part of an effort to raise money and awareness about endangered polar bears. However, customers complained that Coca-Cola had changed its formula – which it hadn’t. As it happens, Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, has found that the color red is associated with sweetness, according to the New Yorker.

On any packaged food or beverage item, labels are generally featured prominently. Companies can use this to their advantage by designing labels that mesh well with the overall look and feel of the package. The proper use of color and design can enhance the traits of these products in the minds of consumers.

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