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Have you considered recycled packaging materials?

On this blog, we’ve written a lot about how to make sure the graphics, information and other elements on a label appear. And while it’s important to ensure that those aspects of your marketing strategy are locked down, there’s another way to show what your brand values, and it has to do with the materials you choose for labeling and packaging.

More brands than ever are choosing recycled materials for their products. Whether you sell food, coffee, wine or pharmaceuticals, making this choice can give you an opportunity to put your commitment to the environment in print.

“In the recycled material packaging segment, paper packaging is the largest market, followed by metal, glass, and plastic. The demand for recycled plastics remains strong, but the material faces several challenges, including lack of infrastructure for collection and sorting, international market competition for existing recovered materials and compliance with requirements related to food and drug content.”

If you’ve been using recycled materials for a long time, perhaps it’s time to brag about it! Your brand deserves credit for the steps it’s taken to support sustainability. Making room on your label for a “printed on recycled paper” or “bottles made from 100 percent recycled products” is worth the effort when more customers may be impressed and courted by your ecological awareness.

If you’re new to the recycling game, the market is rich with affordable options for companies looking for a better way to help the environment. However, you will need a printing system that supports a wide variety of stocks and paper types.

With a custom label printer, your company can print labels on a wide range of materials. Contact DuraFast today to learn more about our wide range of options for companies in need of a streamlined label printing solution.

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