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How printing your own coupons can help grow your business

Coupon printing has long been a go-to marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. According to NationalBusiness.org, more than 100 billion coupons are handed out in supermarkets, retail stories, catalogs and via direct mail every year. Over 62 percent of households clip or print coupons at least once a week, 38 percent say they do so even more frequently, and 51 percent say they redeem almost all coupons they gather. The reason for the popularity of coupons is simple: shoppers like saving money.

Coupon printing can serve to introduce your business to new customers, and can inform past or current customers on special promotions, driving them back into your place of business. NationalBusiness.org’s study also found that when the customers do bring the coupons into the store or office, they will likely buy more than the single discounted product.

A coupon can serve to motivate a consumer to step outside their comfort zone and try a new product. Even a small discount can be enough to convince a customer on the edge to try something not found on their regular shopping list. It also increases word-of-mouth advertising, as consumers love to boast about getting a good deal. 

Coupon printing is also effective at increasing customer loyalty. By sending custom-printed coupons to valued customers, you develop stronger customer relationships. These also serve as reminders that their continued business is appreciated, and to keep their minds on you, instead of the competition. 

By investing in in-house printing solutions, your company can be prepared to promote a new product or service within a moments notice. Having a color label printer such as the Epson TM-C3400 or Epson TM-C3500  makes it possible to produce thousands of high-quality, eye-catching coupons that will drive business and increase sales.

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