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How proper labels can ease residents’ fears

It is normal for certain chemicals to make individuals nervous, especially as improper handling or storage of them could lead to a bad situation. However, when companies invest in a label printer such as an Epson GP-C831, they ensure that all employees – and anyone who handles the labeled items – are able to read and understand what is inside the container.

Even so, some Massachusetts residents are wary as Global Partners LP has plans to transport ethanol to its storage terminal in Revere using Commuter Rail lines. According to The Boston Globe, people in East Boston are concerned that the moving chemicals are an open invitation to terrorists to attack and cause a major explosion. Or, some fear that a simple accident will have serious repercussions and could cause injuries to bystanders.

Magdalena Ayed is a resident whose two sons attend Manassah E. Bradley Elementary School, which is near the Global facility.

“I don’t feel that safe right now, because the storage tanks are so close,” Ayed told the Globe, “but add to that the ethanol trains coming into the communities—my heart’s going to be in my mouth all day long.”

Other residents told the news source that the rail lines pass through more than 90 cities and towns in the Commonwealth, which puts up to 200,000 individuals at risk as they live within half a mile of the tracks. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, that is the recommended distance for evacuation in the case of a rail car fire.

The transportation of hazardous materials is not without risks, but with current chemical labels, which adhere to GHS labeling standards, companies are ensuring that employees know how to properly move the items.

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