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If You Like Your Printer, You May Not Want Windows 10

If you use a PC for business, there’s a good chance you’re running Windows 7 or 8 – but if Microsoft gets its way, that may soon change.

When it released Windows 10 in July 2015, Microsoft made no secret of its desire to get as many users to upgrade as possible. Unlike previous operating systems, Windows 10 was offered as a free update to those who already own copies of the previous two systems. This special deal will continue until July 28, 2016, according to Forbes.

While this certainly sounds like a great bargain for consumers, it also promises big benefits for Microsoft. The new operating system is designed, in part, to play an important role in Microsoft’s massive ecosystem of apps and devices. In addition, Windows 10 places the Bing search engine front and center on the platform, leading to higher usage and potentially generating additional advertising dollars for the company.

If you rely on label printers that are configured for older drivers, you may not want to upgrade at all.

The average computer user may not care much about what operating system they use, but businesses have several factors to consider. In fact, if you rely on label printers configured for older drivers, you may not want to upgrade at all. but if you’re not careful, you may not have a choice.

Is Microsoft forcing users to upgrade?
Unless you pay close attention to your computer, you may end up running Windows 10 without choosing to. Since the operating system was first released, there have been numerous reports from consumers of computers upgrading automatically,  according to Business Insider. Microsoft officially denied this in a blog post.

Even if the company isn’t explicitly forcing the upgrade, it’s certainly trying to push people in that direction. Users running Windows 7 or 8 have likely seen numerous messages suggesting that they install the latest operating system, and some of these notifications do not offer a clear way for users to ignore them.

Why shouldn’t I upgrade to Windows 10?
If you use printers that have been configured for Windows 7 drivers – such as the Primera LX400, the Epson TM-C3400 or the iSy Label Apex 1290 – a sudden upgrade to Windows 10 could present a problem. You may not be able to use your printer for a while, at least until you uninstall the old drivers and software and replace them.

How to stop the upgrade
If you don’t want to be taken by surprise by a sudden upgrade, there is a free software utility available that can prevent the process from occurring without your knowledge. Never 10 keeps Windows 10 at bay without disrupting other important updates on your computer.

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