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Ink Cartridges: Choose Carefully

A label printer is no good without ink, and even a careful choice can be derailed by picking the wrong ink cartridge. On the other hand, finding the exact right ink for the job at hand, perfectly suited to the chosen material, can improve the overall quality of printed labels, badges, wristbands and more.

Companies that decide to select an in-house printer, drawn by the efficiency and independence granted by the move away from outsourcing, have to put through into their ink selection. The following are a few guidelines to think about when stocking up on ink cartridges for a new or existing label printer.

The Fundamentals

One of the first steps to take when buying ink cartridges, before picking out the right variety for any project, is making sure the vendor is selling authentic products from the original manufacturers. There’s no need to gamble on the quality of an ink cartridge, and that’s why business owners should deal with companies that get their products directly from printer manufacturers.

Then it’s time to check the printer manual and match up a compatible ink cartridge. This step is simple but essential, as all the extra features in the world won’t matter if printer and ink don’t match. Some printers will prove more restrictive than others when it comes to ink cartridge possibilities. When working with assets that accept a variety of ink types, it’s time for buyers to make a few more choices and get the right ink for their particular needs.

Ink is a vital consideration.

A Custom Experience

The choice of label material may dictate the best ink cartridge for the job. Using a laminate material, for instance, is different from printing on a paper-based stock. Shoppers can check the descriptions of the ink they’re thinking of buying to make sure it suits the project they have in mind.

Beyond matching a printer and suiting the label stock, there are a few other variables that can determine the right product for the job. Features such as as temperature resistance, quick drying, fade-proofing and more are available for certain cartridge types. Finding the ideal match between needed features and expected use can help a company make the right choice, from both a functionality and price perspective. While some businesses will need traits such as magnetic ink for barcode use, others won’t.

Organizations that have decided to take the plunge into owning their own printer can turn to DuraFast Label Company for their label ink needs. Check out our selection of ink cartridges – all new and from the genuine manufacturers – on our U.S. website or Canadian page.

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