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Is coffee drinking becoming more common for children?

Any company manufacturing a product that is prone to be misused or wind up in the wrong hands could use a color label printer to create warnings for their packaging.

One such issue could be the controversial use of coffee and other caffeinated products among children. A study recently published in the journal “Pediatrics” has examined the trends of caffeine intake of persons from age 2 to 22 over an 11 year period and discovered an upward trend in consumption.

Specifically, it found that nearly 75 percent of older teenagers were exposed to caffeine every day in the U.S. This might appear to be usually because of soda, which would be the obvious answer. But the study also claims that coffee accounts for almost a quarter of this consumption, at least in 2009.

Energy drinks are also contributing to the rise in caffeine use, and this would seem to be a danger that makes up for the health benefits gained by abstaining from soda, as the SFGate reports..

Though the researchers assert that there’s no direct conclusion to be drawn from this information, they do notice that there seems to be some “caffeine inflation” in the works.

“Coffee and energy drinks represent a greater proportion of caffeine intake as soda intake has declined, and generally have higher concentrations and amounts of caffeine than soda,” they write.

Coffee products can be given special custom labels that tell consumers to keep them from children, especially if this trend leads to greater consumer panic and worry about the general health effects on younger drinkers. With a color label printer, your company can give the matter the amount of concern that it requires.

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