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Prime Labels

Label Applicators: Handy and Efficient

Product packages deserve high-quality label application.

Small businesses that bring their label printing in house may realize their new, efficient workflow can develop a hitch: While labels come out of the printer at an impressive speed, actually applying labels to products slows things down. Furthermore, hand-applying labels can lead to waste, as wrinkles or crooked application are normal consequences of having employees tackle the process on their own.

The way around these issues is another quick and affordable hardware purchase: It’s time for these growing companies to invest in an automatic label applicator. These devices serve the dual role of making product packaging better-looking and saving work for employees. Workers freed up from manually sticking labels on products can put their time toward value-creating tasks.

Precise, Good-Looking Packaging

Accuracy is the keyword when it comes to switching to mechanical applicators instead of keeping a manual process. Thanks to online distribution, small companies are standing shoulder-to-shoulder with giant brands today, but if these independent businesses don’t have professional-looking packaging on their products, consumers may lose confidence in the quality and value of their goods. Automatic application delivers an impressive appearance on a small-business budget.

No matter the shape and size of the item in need of labeling, there is likely an applicator that can serve a company’s needs. Having high-quality application is one way for an organization to support its investment in high-quality labeling. Good labels, badly applied, can fail to convey value.

Sample Applicators

Since needs will differ from one company to the next, small-business owners have many applicator options to choose from. The following are two Primera offerings available from DuraFast Label Company.

  • AP550: The AP550 is designed to work with flat surfaces. It operates at a speed of up to 500 labels per hour. Flat-surface application means it is suitable for any item that comes in a tin or box with flat sides, or a rectangular bottle. It can also apply labels to the lids of jars, making it right for jams and preserves.
  • AP360: The AP360 is meant for curved surfaces, and works with bottles of beer, wine or spirits, candles, or anything shipped in a tube. While the AP360 applies a single label, its close relative the AP362 sticks on two at once – perfect for products that need information on their fronts and backs.

Applicators simplify an essential step in labeling, and growing companies may drastically improve their products’ look by using them. To learn more about those applicators and browse more of these products, check out the DuraFast website or its equivalent Canadian page.

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