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Industrial Labels

Labels for containers as important as their contents

Customer-facing products in packaging that contains possible chemicals derived from plastic, like bisphenol A—better known as BPA—have come under scrutiny in recent months for the harmful effects that these containers could have on those who consume whatever product is held within. While the types of things medical labels might be placed upon aren’t necessarily in the same category of potential risk, businesses should consider more carefully the types of containers they choose and maybe warn other handlers about them accordingly.

The most recent BPA alert comes in part from a pediatric study that claims to have shown a possible link between exposure to these chemicals and an inability to absorb insulin, especially in teenagers and young adults. As CBS news points out, this kind of failure can result in an excess of sugars in the bloodstream and lead to dangerous health conditions later on, including obesity.

This may seem like a distant and not entirely provable connection, but there’s much to be said for considering the distant effects the contents of your containers might have, especially if they contain consumable medical products. Pharmaceutical labels, for example, should also contain warnings about the plastic bottles they arrive in if BPA is thought to be in it, or alternate instructions for storage, if at all possible. 

Warnings and labels should be comprehensive in any respect, and cover all the foreseeable dangers inherent in a product that might lead to negative reactions or discoveries later on. It should also go without saying that the materials that make up product barrels or containers should be tested to make sure they are suitable.

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