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Legal Marijuana Industry Embraces Branding – and Celebrities

The expansion of a whole industry is a fascinating and challenging time for organizations existing within the space. The legal recreational cannabis market, just taking shape in select states and provinces, is in the midst of this phase of discovery and experimentation. Brands are discovering what they can do with their packaging and imagery, all while staying within the boundaries that have been set out by evolving and patchwork legal frameworks.

Rise of the Celebrity Endorsements

One of the interesting trends within the rising cannabis industry is the influx of endorsers lending their names and cultural capital to brands. The Associated Press noted that the California marijuana industry, which has not been fully legislated into existence yet, already has public figures ready to ally themselves with licensed growers. For instance, multiple children of reggae icon Bob Marley are working with brands of marijuana.

The news provider noted that some celebrities have gone the extra mile to invest in the industry. Rapper Snoop Dogg, for instance, sports a signature line of marijuana products, a website focusing on cannabis news and a venture capital fund that invests specifically in pot-based start-ups. One such company, Eaze, aims to act as a delivery service for legal marijuana.

Greater normalization and acceptance may come from high-profile support.

The rise of celebrity endorsements has changed the growth of the industry. According to the AP, advocates for the further legalization of marijuana are pleased with the effect big-name backers have had on the space. Greater normalization and acceptance may come from high-profile support.

Still Early Days

While the marijuana market is on the upswing, there is not yet enough meaningful data to make generalizations about who its consumers are or where the space is going next, according to Entrepreneur magazine contributor Andre Bourque. It’s too early to pigeonhole or directly target groups of consumers with branding and marketing.

Greater regulatory oversight in supply chains may be one of the great tipping points in the industry, the author noted. MJIC CEO Sturges Khan explained to Bourque that the emergence of highly professional legal cannabis companies with compliant and visible supply chains may be a major event in the mainstreaming of marijuana.

Strong Labeling Needed

Companies hoping to capitalize on this growing market – whether backed by celebrities or not – will likely lean on their branding to attract eyes. As growers and sellers become more organized and professional, impressive packaging may become must-have mark of quality. Companies that employ effective in-house label printers have a quick way to achieve this level of professionalism. You can browse these devices in the DuraFast U.S. store here or on our Canadian page.

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