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Luxury Packaging Can Be Good For Brands

Everyone enjoys a little taste of luxury every once in a while. Though most consumers cannot afford an expensive lifestyle, it can be fun to treat yourself. For brands looking for new ways to package and market their products, this is an idea worth taking into consideration.

We already know that package design can influence how consumers think about the products contained within. According to Forbes, visual and sensory cues have been shown to help us connect with products on a subconscious level.

So, if you want to build brand loyalty, designing packages that feel more luxurious than those on the competition can cause consumers to place more value on what you want them to buy.

Package design can influence how consumers think about the products contained within.

An article on Packaging Digest suggested that even though the Great Recession had a major effect on consumer spending, shoppers still want to feel like they are buying quality – even if they are not costly.

“People seek everyday luxuries to retain a certain standard while spending according to the ‘new normal,’ and we see this played out in packaging,” William Cunningham, global marketing leader of packaging at DuPont, told the news source.

For instance, when Little Bird Curious Confections decided to upgrade the packaging on their popular candied jalapeño peppers, they decided to do so in style.

Packaging World reported that the company switched from a simple clear bag with a sticker to a standup pouch made from a combination of PET, ink, aluminum and linear low-density polyethylene. The finished product looks far more sophisticated, and sales have reportedly increased by 500 percent.

A good label design is an important aspect of any style of packaging. Durafast offers printing solutions that help you produce exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today!

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