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Manage College Campus Visitors with a Credential Printer

From organizational priorities to security needs, there are a host of reasons to keep better track of visitors to a college or university campus. Administrators who want to improve in this area can start with an important piece of technology – an oversized credential printer. Bringing badge printing in-house can grant more control over who is allowed onto the campus, letting colleges provide high-quality credentials in a matter of seconds.

A Huge Number of Applications

When an event is held on school property, it’s essential that campus leaders get a handle on who is supposed to be there. The systems for printing credentials will likely focus on either quality – with high-resolution photos and scannable barcodes – or quick and easy production. With a capable printer, campuses can have the best of both worlds, speed and quality both. These printers can be used at the following event types and more:

  • Sporting events: Media covering games can receive custom credentials with their photos, as can VIPs who are attending the games. Upon seeing these badges, stadium ushers will have no trouble pointing wearers on their way.
  • Alumni gatherings: When alumni come back to the campus for reunions or any other kind of event, they can receive customized badges with names, photos, years of graduation and more. These credentials will not only help security by ensuring only approved people are at the event, they can help alums recognize one another after decades apart.
  • Freshman orientation: Just as alumni will want to reconnect, freshmen mixing for the first time will like to get to know one another and strike up friendships. You can welcome new students to the festivities with custom-printed credentials.
  • Parking passes: Versatile credential printers aren’t limited to square badges for people to wear. Hanging tags meant to be attached to cars’ rear-view mirrors are another option, ensuring that campus police will be able to track which vehicles are allowed to temporarily park in college lots.
Keeping a campus safe and orderly is the role of a good credentialing system.

Use a High-Quality Printer

The aforementioned use cases demonstrate that credential printers have a place in any college or university’s front office. There is one complication, however: As with any technology tool, the advantages are only clear if the asset is of adequate quality.

This is where the SwiftColor SCC4000D comes in. With single-pass printing to ensure badges come out quickly and looking great, this printer works with both paper and PVC stock to ensure universities get exactly the capabilities they’re looking for. Check it out in our U.S. store or our Canadian shop.

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