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Prime Labels

Match your wine labels with the materials they adhere to

By choosing a color label printer that allows you to control the way that your product is displayed to the public, you can also go for the solution that helps it stand out against whatever packaging material it will be included in.

There’s one company that was recently reported by Fox News as using an interesting design for its wine bottle labels which are made out of durable paper designed to be recyclable and environmentally friendly. It does raise the question of what to use when you have a base material that may interfere with the way that the label is observed and read by consumers.

Shown in images on the Fox site, GreenBottle​’s approach includes a construction that somewhat resembles cardboard or the paper cupholders that are used in fast food restaurants. But the labels that are featured on these bottles are of the same brown color, with black and red ink that helps distinguish the message against the background.

If your company isn’t careful, the labels you design and put into action might turn out to be woefully unfit for your pre-existing package designs. This might go unconsidered, especially when you have a new campaign to turn around or a significant change to the previous approach you’ve been using.

With a custom label printer in use, the kind of images you place on your product’s packaging can be selected to complement other design choices. You may want your custom labels to blend into the rest of the design, or stand out more, but either way you can find something that works. 

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