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Mistakes To Avoid When Labeling New Wine Brands

There are thousands of wineries in the U.S. Do you represent one of them? If so, you may be in the process of launching a new brand.

It’s certainly exciting. Wine consumption in the U.S. has been rising fairly consistently every year, according to the Wine Institute. The demand is there for a new brand that can capture consumer attention.

But as with any other product launch, there are some important steps to ensure that your brand isn’t forgotten. Your wine may be delicious, but it needs proper labeling if it is going to sell.

Your wine may be delicious, but it needs proper labeling if it is going to sell.

A recent article on Packaging World listed some of the most crucial mistakes that winemakers commit when trying to launch a brand. For instance, many winemakers might be tempted to name their product first and come up with a label design later. Instead, they should do the opposite. Choosing a memorable image is far more important.

First, it is more likely to catch the customers eye on the shelves of their local wine shop. It can also make it easier to subsequently choose a name, believe it or not. The news source argues that having an image in place helps with the brainstorming process over names – which can be a challenge, given how many are already in use and legally protected. 

In addition, winemakers should feel free to use their personal history to build their brands. Even if the winery in question is new, the owners may have a family story that inspired their work. This is a great way to add personality to a label.

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