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Industrial Labels

More than one way to comply with OSHA chemical label requirements

Many companies in the chemical labeling space are likely familiar with the six categories of information Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends for safe, informative labels: 

  1. Product identifier
  2. Signal word
  3. Hazard statement(s)
  4. Precautionary statement(s)
  5. Pictograms
  6. Supplier information

What decision makers at these companies may not realize is that this list is neither mandatory nor exhaustive. In fact, OSHA recommends other solutions for label information. Another is to publish a product identifier and a combination of any of the remaining items on this first list. This is combined with other information that is available elsewhere in the workplace, such as on signs or in instructional guidebooks. When employees are sufficiently trained around these materials, they’re best equipped to use them safely. 

“The final option is for employers to use a homegrown or third party workplace labeling system,” writes Glenn Trout of ChemInfo. “OSHA says as long as the labeling system was compliant under the pre-GHS HazCom Standard, employers can keep using it. Included in this category are the NFPA and HMIS labeling systems, which OSHA has explicitly said employers can continue to use as long as they include a product identifier and cover all the hazards of the chemical.”

Companies within the chemical manufacturing industry should have a comprehensive understanding of what they’re required and suggested to provide on industrial labels. Drum labels are an important medium to make clear and unmistakable indications so that products don’t cause dangerous and even deadly situations. 

At DuraFast, we carry a collection of printing solutions that ensure your products are marketed and distributed with clear, accurate information that complies with OSHA guidelines. Contact us today to learn more about how an industrial label printer, label printing software and other solutions can improve consistency and flexibility in your labeling process. 

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