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New information might be discovered about chemicals

Because of the time it takes to get newly discovered information out “to the masses,” your company has to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest information about chemicals, and chemical labels are the surest way to do that effectively.

An article in the most recent Occupational Health and Safety magazine discusses the unsettling idea that labels on certain chemicals may be wrong and don’t effectively communicate how dangerous something actually is. Unofficially known as “classification shock” by some, the article cites policies that dictate how this is an important issue for companies to resolve before June 2015, which is “the deadline for chemical manufacturers and distributors to complete the reclassification process.”

If your processing plant or factory makes chemicals like these on a large scale, this can be a huge undertaking that’s a lot more complicated than it might sound. But mass-producing chemical labels can be a simpler process if one uses the proper tools, like a color label printer that can suit the vessels you are using for transportation.

Because producers might not know the specifics behind their industry that dictate what they need to implement into their everyday labelmaking procedures.. There might be space for durable labels to list facts and information that manufacturers can choose themselves, but this should always include practices that might cause harm if not followed correctly, since this could emerge unexpectedly at a later time if not noted in advance.

Although guidelines might suddenly change, or be vaguely worded, it’s inexcusable to be lacking the means to do this yourself.

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