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Olympics present opportunity for creative, compliant branding

With the news that Boston has been selected by the United States Olympic Committee to represent America in the bid to host the games in 2024, it’s easy to forget that we have four rounds of Olympics before that year. Whether the games are hosted in the United States or a foreign city, the international competition provides an excellent promotional opportunity for brands to show their support for Team USA. 

We’ve all seen Olympics labeling on coffee cups, credit cards and other items on the market. However, every two years the International Olympic Committee (IOC) cracks down on counterfeit merchandise by unapproved vendors, reserving the use of Olympic symbols to certified partners

“Only official partners, broadcasters, licensees and non-commercial organisations of the Olympic Movement are allowed to suggest an affiliation with the Olympic Games,” writes the IOC. “Ambush marketing describes an attempt to unofficially create an association with the Games. This damages the investment of genuine Olympic partners, and risks the Organising Committee’s ability to fund the event successfully.”

Though there’s extraordinary market demand for Olympics-branded merchandise, small companies that attempt to get in on Olympics or Team USA promotions might be found in violation of the brand’s exclusive corporate licensing.

For companies interested in taking part in Olympic excitement without infringing on copyrights, releasing limited edition patriotic gear in 2016, 2018, 2020 and beyond can tap into the zeitgeist of national pride without breaking the law. Creative custom label printing can help companies reach customers when the games permeate the national conversation. By investing in an industrial label printer and adhering to the bylaws of Olympic branding, your firm can make subtle, compliant overtures to consumers that are timely and memorable. 

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