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One Printer, Many Label Types: The Epson TM-C7500

Your ideal choice of in-house label printer will inevitably depend on the kind of products your company creates every day. Especially in industries where label traits are determined by rules and regulations as well as your preferences, such as pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing, your search for an appropriate printer will set your business up for success or failure.

Labeling mistakes or failure to reach standards could lead to harsh regulatory consequences.

Interestingly, DuraFast offers versatile printers that cross boundaries, serving as potential options for companies in several different field, including those with very specific requirements. One such printer is the Epson C7500, which we’ll profile here today. This resilient, reliable and affordable to maintain Inkjet printer is for use in tough industries, such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Labeling mistakes or failure to reach standards could lead to harsh regulatory consequences in those fields.

Demanding Fields

When your company needs compliant labels for its pharmaceutical or chemical products but doesn’t want to break the bank, the Epson ColorWorks C7500 Matte, also known as the TM-C7500, is a top option. Costs for this printer and the matte ink it requires can prove significantly lower in the long run than if a business opts for a heat-transfer printer instead.

Organizations that work quickly and need to create GHS-compliant chemical labels or pharma labels in line with international standards can succeed with the TM-C7500. Even in industries that demand tough labels that meet stringent BS5609 standards, the TM-C7500 provides a viable option. For short-run printing or on-demand work, it’s a great addition to a company’s technology lineup.

Wristband Production

Compliant labels aren’t the only option the TM-C7500 is suited for. It’s also capable of producing wristbands that can identify visitors to a hospital or other facility, as well as participants in an event or gathering. The same qualities that make the printer a good fit for the tough industries described above – its reliability and durability over time chief among them – make it a great option for companies that need ID wristbands.

Optional Hardware

If you want to print from a roll of labels to another, easily and conveniently creating larger quantities of labels, you can purchase a rewinder and attach it to the TM-C7500. The accepted media for labels and wristbands ranges from 2 inches to 4.35 inches in width.

Companies ready to select this printer can lease or purchase it from DuraFast. U.S. buyers can check out our American store, while we have a site specifically for our Canadian customers, as well. All the essentials, including matte Inkjet cartridges and label stock, are available.

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