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Optimizing labeling strategy with print-on-demand

As Epson pointed out in a recent blog post, all color labels are not created equally. The article offered case studies of a number of companies who realized greater efficiency and streamlined their production by ditching their third-party labeling strategy. 

Unfortunately, many organizations overlook the advantages that come with a print-on-demand labeling strategy. In the past, storing large quantities of pre-printed labels may have been a viable solution. But with the current trends in consumer behavior, this strategy simply lacks the flexibility needed to remain competitive. 

The rise in private label sales means many producers are starting to experiment with new labeling strategies to maximize their consumer appeal. This can involve several runs until producers find a private label design that meets their needs. Such experimentation is extremely difficult, expensive and time-consuming with a third-party label provider.

An increasingly active regulatory environment is also dampening the appeal of third-party label providers. With changes in regulation arriving at a rapid rate, organizations can often find themselves with a store room full of unusable labels. Recent changes to GHS labeling requirements, as well as “all natural” and “gluten free” claims on food products have caused thousands of organizations to review their labeling strategies. 

To avoid the storage costs and waste associated with pre-printed labels, organization are encouraged to explore Durafast’s on-demand label printers

The Epson TM-C3400 Label Printer and the Epson TM-C3500 Label Printer both offer high-quality on-demand inkjet printing that enables organizations to enjoy greater cost savings while streamlining their labeling process. The Epson ColorWorks C7500 Label Printer is also available for preorder, so companies can begin their new year with a more efficient labeling strategy. 

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