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Pabst considers new site in Milwaukee to tap into history

On this blog, we’ve discussed the significance of history in beer marketing. Founded in 1844, the Pabst Brewing Company’s signature Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a staple of low-cost beer for a century and a half. According to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the brewing company is considering a move back to its hometown, after spending years with bases in Chicago and Los Angeles. 

While operations will still be headquartered on the West Coast, the plan for a pilot brewery in Milwaukee taps into Pabst’s rich, deep history, and provides the perfect opportunity for creative label promotions. At the proposed site, visitors would be able to sample new products and learn a bit about the company’s record of quality. Nostalgia is one of the strongest appeals established brands can make to consumers, and dedicating a corporate site to the company’s history could bring more sophisticated awareness to a brand some dismiss as “cheap beer.”

“It would really bring home what our brands are about,” Pabst CEO Eugene Kashper said. “It’s American heritage. And it’s originality … We’re the domestic beer that’s not from the big multinational corporation.”

By piloting new products before they make their way to grocery store shelves, the proposal could allow for creative and dynamic feedback from visitors. Diversifying the Pabst line with specific emphasis on corporate history lends credibility and gravitas, and odds are, that new direction will be evident on labels. If your company has a deep or unique history to share with its customers, consider custom label printing to help articulate that narrative. 

With the proliferation of micro-brews and other specialty beers on the market, standing out from the pack is essential. An industrial label printer and unique label strategy can help take your beer to the next level. 

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