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Print Labels In-House To Stay Ahead of the E-Cigarette Industry

New industries are somewhere between a dream and a nightmare for small businesses. Opportunities abound in these young sectors, with the ability for a startup to exert its power and become a leader. On the other hand, there is always the chance that conditions will change quickly, forcing quick reactions from brands in order for these companies to stay relevant and survive.

This is the dichotomy presented by the e-cigarette industry. While there is a clear opportunity for companies to establish themselves and become prominent distributors of vaping products, they will have to contend with ever-changing regulations regarding how items must be labeled.

Working with an outside labeling provider may mean ending up with large print runs of labels, some of which must be discarded when rules change and they become irrelevant. This is a situation where in-house labels may be the best choice.

Win Over the Customers

High-quality labels can help sell vape products. New customers who haven’t yet established favorite brands may discover new items by their appearance, and compelling, attractive packaging can stoke their curiosity. Companies should therefore commit to using printers that deliver high-resolution results. If they operate these assets in-house, they can establish control over how many of these labels they make, and get only what they need.

Each printer is slightly different, enabling companies to suit their circumstances.

There are many label printers available that fit these requirements. Each is slightly different, enabling companies to make choices that suit their circumstances. DuraFast Labels offers options from brands such as Afinia, Epson, VIPColor and Primera. Some are best suited to small operations that will only need a few hundred labels per month while others, such as the VIPColor VP485, easily ramp up into the thousands.

Companies browsing these options will be able to make decisions such as which type of ink they prefer to use. While Inkjet printers require less expensive ink cartridges, laser printers are responsible for the most durable labels available. Every small business is unique, and there’s a printer option to suit any budget or focus.

Master the Balancing Act

Vaping products come with regulatory restrictions, and balancing perfect compliance with a compelling appearance is the issue facing every company that sets up shop selling e-cigarettes and related items. Fortunately, printing these labels can become a lot easier, provided brands pick out the right printing option. High-resolution labels that contain every legally required element yet also sport compelling color schemes and imagery can become an in-house product.

Find out more about the ideal printers for the vape industry and compare models at the DuraFast Label Company site in the U.S. or Canada.

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