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Print-on-demand allows for special edition holiday labels

As we near the most important time of the year for retailers, it is crucial to consider how best to present key products to consumers. Around the holidays, consumers are more likely to make impulse buying decisions, or be swayed by the appeal of limited or special edition products. Products that capture the spirit of the season are always popular as well, as are “vintage” products that remind consumers of the simplicity of the past. 

It seems that the beverage industry in particular has capitalized on this trend. According to Brewbound, a beverage industry news source, Budweiser is looking to maximize its holiday season sales by offering limited edition packaging and beer labels

Budweiser is introducing a limited-edition, handmade wooden crate filled with 18 Budweisers and two pilsner glasses inside, all featuring authentic classic labels from the past. Only 10,000 of these will be sold, with sales starting this week. 

Anchor Brewing is also pursuing a similar strategy to increase holiday sales. For the 40th anniversary of their annual holiday brew, they have commissioned San Francisco-based artist James Stitt to hand-draw the design of their beer labels. This year, the labels will feature a Giant Sequoia covered in snow.

Your organization can also employ these popular and successful strategies by investing in on-demand printing solutions from Durafast. Durafast is proud to offer a number of the highest-quality and most cost-effective color label printers available today.

The Afinia L801 Color Label Printer or Epson TM-C3400 Label Printer can help organizations realize the significant savings that come with the in-house production of color labels while boosting holiday sales. 

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