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Printer Profile: Learn About the Epson GP-C831

When an industry calls for the use of specific labels to meet legal requirements, printer selection takes on a new urgency. Working within strict frameworks, companies producing chemicals and other potentially harmful or regulated products need to ensure their printers will perform at acceptable levels – the consequences of failure include fines and other legal repercussions.

Meeting requirements is the focus of today’s printer profile, focusing on the Epson GP-C381 Color Label Printer. This is a unique piece of hardware, the first inkjet label printer to meet the rigid requirements of British Standard 5609.

Features and Performance

The GP-C831 is capable of producing some of the most stringently monitored label types in any industry – labels that adorn drums and other containers of potentially harmful chemicals. These are the labels that carry Globally Harmonized Standard information and diagrams, making them a non-optional part of the packaging. The Epson printer can print large labels, reaching maximum length of 22 inches and width of 8 inches. Companies that once outsourced their printing because they were unable to print large or strong enough labels should take note of this asset.

Durability is one of the GP-C831’s selling points.

The inkjet printer works with pigment-based ink, and reaches resolutions of 720 dpi. Cartridges are changed individually to limit waste, and labels are produced quickly – 16.5 pages per minute. Durability is one of the GP-C831’s selling points, allowing it to become a fixture in production facilities that would otherwise be considered too rough for an in-house label printer.

Ideal Use Cases

In some cases – for example, when a chemical producer needs BS5069-certified GHS labels for its products’ drums – it’s absolutely vital to turn to a printer such as the GP-C831 that is designed specifically for this kind of task. Companies that want to handle labeling themselves instead of outsourcing the task can’t afford to skimp when assembling their assets.

In addition to producers of chemicals, labs and research facilities that work with these substances can use the tough, high-quality labels produced by the GP-C831 to identify their materials. The printer can handle a number of different blank label materials, whether they have matte or high-gloss finishes. With its wide-format capabilities, the GP-C831 is a viable choice for companies that need large or small labels.

Heavy industrial settings and stringent legal requirements are the kinds of factors that can disqualify the huge majority of printers. By being designed to work within these strictures, the GP-C831 has carved out its niche. Learn more about the printer on our site – in the U.S. or in Canada.

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