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Printer Profiles: Meet the SwiftColor Line

Choosing the right a printer for a small business’s label-making needs can come down to the details. Media size is one of the most important variables, with an effect on the cost and utility of a printer.

When looking at the SwiftColor line of products, the size of printed label stock and the difference between dye- and pigment-based inks are the main differentiators. By figuring out which type of ink is the best fit for a particular business and what size the finished labels should be, buyers can narrow down their selection of a SwiftColor printer quickly and easily. The following guide should help make this connection between the job at hand and the printers available.

Pigment or Dye?

The first question when approaching a SwiftColor printer is what type of ink it will use. Durability and toughness are the characteristics of pigment-based inks, and they are therefore useful for companies working in fields where labels must be durable by law, such as the chemicals sector. Furthermore, they stand up better to light and UV rays than dye-based inks, so products that will be stored outdoors are good candidates.

Dye-based inks are known for their high resolutions and beautiful, deep colors. When companies are operating in fields where the appearance of a product is key in winning over shoppers, such as the food or beverage space, dye may be the right choice. SwiftColor printers can print quickly with these inks, allowing businesses to get great-looking packaging quickly.

DuraFast Labels offers the SwiftColor SCC-2000-D and SCL-4000D for those in the market for dye-based printing, as well as the pigment-based SCL-2000P, SCL-4000P and SCL-8000P.

Size and Type of Media

A narrow-gauge printer that takes 2-inch-wide stock is an option for companies interested in creating small tags and labels for products, as well as badges, tags and wristbands to help identify visitors to a business, university or other site. The SCL-2000P and SCC-2000D, which focuses on card stock, fit this scale. For larger labels, printed quickly and up to high standards of quality, there are the SCL-4000P and SCL-4000D, one taking pigment ink and the other dye.

On the larger end of the spectrum, there is the SCL-8000P, a pigment-based printer capable of creating labels that are eight inches wide. The printer can give companies the tough and visually appealing labels they need to keep their crates, barrels and boxes of products carefully marked.

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