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Provinces Preparing Legal Rules for Cannabis

The fact that Canadian provinces will have to deliver their own rules on the proper sale, possession and usage of legal recreational cannabis has led to a legal scramble by provincial governments. These bodies are planning ways to ensure marijuana use is correctly monitored and managed by next summer, and companies that are interested in selling pot products will have to pay close attention: The evolving legal picture could determine how these businesses label, package and distribute their goods.

National Government, Provinces Compare Notes

The federal government has made progress toward setting the regulations to make sure cannabis use is as closely supervised as alcohol or tobacco. According to The Huffington Post, this includes a pilot program meant to ensure drivers aren’t operating vehicles under the influence of marijuana. The roadside inspections are being designed with input of local police forces around the country.

The source also noted that the targeted deadlines for cannabis legalization remain in place: July 2018 for products that can be smoked and the following year for edible items. Provinces aren’t sure they’ll be ready when these dates arrive. The Huffington Post did report, however, that Alberta officials are fairly confident they’ll be ready by next number. Quebec’s agency expounded upon the need for public outreach and awareness ahead of widespread legalization.

Growers Scrambling to Prepare

What happens when a substance suddenly becomes legal for recreational use? According to the Financial Post, the early days of legalization may involve demand far greater than supply. Due to the fact that a massive new market for the substance is about to open when recreational users are allowed to buy pot, the publication explained that growers are in a full-on scramble to increase their crop yields.

The Financial Post added that provinces such as New Brunswick are heavily investing in cannabis now, to ensure government stores don’t instantly sell out of product next summer. The effects could be especially harmful if increased demand impacts medical users’ ability to get marijuana. That is the scenario provinces most hope to avoid.

Be Ready to Deploy Labels

Getting a safe and regulated product onto shelves will require growers and sellers to coordinate several factors, labeling among them. With rules likely to change multiple times before cannabis is fully legal, and afterward too, companies have to focus on becoming responsive and agile. One way to do this is to purchase an in-house label printer capable of producing high-quality packaging in the quantities that businesses need, when they need them.

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