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Recycling Grows In Popularity Worldwide

Good news for environmentalists: it appears that recycling continues to grow in popularity around the world. One study shows demand for recyclable packaging materials is rising.

According to Technavio’s recent report, “Global Recyclable Packaging Materials Market 2016-2020,” the global market for recyclable packaging is expected to increase by 7 percent through the year 2020.

A big driver of this demand comes from the food and beverage industry, which is switching to more sustainable materials as it seeks to meet growing demand from the developing world. This shift is being facilitated by changes in international industry norms.

Recycling continues to grow in popularity around the world.

“The global recyclable packaging materials market is witnessing the standardization of rules, regulations, and methods relating to the manufacture of sustainable green packaging,” Sharan Raj, a lead analyst at Technavio, told Packaging World.

Interestingly, this may not require companies to completely abandon plastics. A new study by Trucost suggests that the environmental cost of using plastics is actually less than replacing it with alternative materials – due to the fact that larger amounts of these materials are often required to replace lightweight polymers.

However, what many companies will need to do is develop new labeling. Not only is it important to print these labels on sustainable materials, but they must also clearly indicate the recyclability of the product, its packaging or both. This will help facilitate consumer awareness of sustainability efforts.

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