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Scottish soft drink manufacturer unveils custom family labels

American brands like Bud Light and Coca Cola have embraced labeling campaigns to generate interest around catchy names and sayings on bottles. Now, a Scottish soft drink producer has introduced a line of drinks with labels sporting the 100 most popular last names in Scotland. Irn-Bru has launched a campaign called “Bru’s Your Clan,” drawing on Scottish traditions to attract customers. 

The eye-catching labels also depict 56 styles of tartan, which has deep ties to family lineage in Scotland. Additionally, one of the new designs depicts the company’s signature colors, orange and blue. 

“These packs will tap into two major trends,” Adrian Troy, head of marketing at parent company AG Barr, told Labels and Labeling. “The first is personalization, which is continuing to grow in popularity. The second is the desire for people to understand more about their family roots.”

The initiative was sparked when a poll found that 90 percent of Scots said the soft drink manufacturer made them feel proud to be Scottish. That market research led the company to explore ways to make customers feel connected to their heritage while enjoying a quintessentially Scottish beverage. In total, the campaign is said to cost $1.5 million and could inspire deeper loyalty in consumers who already consider the drink a staple. 

The campaign is a reminder that custom label printing can tap into customer attitudes in creative, unexpected ways. By embracing unique labels as an extension of the brand’s Scottish identity, it’s poised to capture the attention and goodwill of consumers. Some customers are sure to scan stores for their own family name or tartan, lending a participatory dimension to the initiative that could engage customers with the strength of labels. 

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