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Seagull Scientific releases new BarTender labeling software

Seagull Scientific recently announced the launch of BarTender 2016 in what the company is calling “one of the most significant releases in the product’s history.” This is the latest version of the software that helps enterprises create and automate barcode labels, radio frequency identification cards and more.

The software boasts new features such as the Integration Builder, which allows users to integrate printing capabilities with any business operation, like initiating automatic printing with certain events like a Web request or email arrival. BarTender 2016 also added Print Portal, which was formerly known as Web Print Server, and its updated Administration Console, which expands on previous security features and puts more control in the hands of administrators. With these new features, plus several other updates, the software aims to improve the overall design and printing experience for businesses of all sizes and types, with the goal of easing the management and administering of printing operations on a large scale.

“We are proud to mark our 30th year with our most significant BarTender version yet,” said Harold Boe, the President of Seagull Scientific, in a press release. “Since its introduction, BarTender has grown to become much more than label software or barcode software. And we are excited that BarTender 2016 provides the framework for bringing future innovations to our customers much more quickly.”

The release of the new software also marks an update in branding for the company, which plans to use the new BarTender logo in place of both the old software logo as well as for all Seagull Scientific logos. Boe explained that this move is meant to “acknowledge that trust and BarTender’s tremendous reputation on the market.”

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