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Social media tie-ins on labels can build a following

While your company effectively drives traffic to its website with unique web content, online ads and regular engagement with users on social media, it might also consider promoting its presence online with custom label printing. For retail items ranging from housewares to tech products, alerting customers to your social media profiles can help boost visibility and gain new followers. 

Traditional labels sport the elements customers have come to expect: a brand name or logo, product overview, distribution information and nutrition facts for food and beverages. However, besides bare-bones info, labels also can explain more about your company. If your brand maintains an online presence that’s not reflected in custom labels, you might consider adding it in 2015. Encouraging users to “like” your Facebook page, follow your company on Twitter or connect using Instagram or Pinterest can generate traffic. 

On this blog, we’ve discussed the ambitious and successful “Share a Coke” campaign that Coca-Cola engineered last year. One of the key features of its interactive label strategy was to encourage customers to virtually “share” their Cokes on social media. Consumers would post photos of ironic or spot-on associations they found with the unique cans, and the brand tweeted tie-ins with current events. For example, when Prince George was born in Great Britain, Coca-Cola sent an image that said “Share a Coke with Wills and Kate,” the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

Furthermore, it helps customers understand that your company is on the cutting edge of communication with its audience. When building brand loyalty in a few square inches, it’s important to maximize impact by giving customers a call to action. Just because much of that marketing has been taken online doesn’t mean the classic label doesn’t present ample opportunity to heighten brand awareness. 

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