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Spotlight on NiceLabel Software

Printing labels in-house requires a few key elements. Of course, companies need printers and employees who know how to use them. In comparison to hardware and talent, software may be undervalued. That doesn’t mean this is unimportant, however. The right software platform can tie an in-house printing program together.

Zooming in on NiceLabel’s Features

Make the label creation process as quick and painless as possible.

Each label software tool has its own unique character. This time, we’ll focus on that of NiceLabel’s products. The features of this solution are designed to make the label creation process as quick and painless as possible. If you want to see the solution in action, NiceLabel has put together a video on the topic – click here to view it.

The video reveals the following valuable features:

  • The software is browser-based and runs in HTML5. Anyone with a connection to the server where the product is installed can access it. What this means in practical terms is every employee is working in the same, consistent environment, rather than dealing with individual copies of the software.
  • Users are sorted into different roles, each of which has a unique lineup of permissions and access levels. Workers are presented with the features relevant to them.
  • The solution has document management features, based on a “check-out, check-in” model. This means employees can easily browse different label projects and access them, complete with revision histories, while ensuring only one person is editing a file at a time.
  • Print jobs are fully searchable. It’s possible to browse or search previous print jobs, view the status of each and potentially re-print them.
  • Printer management is included, with users able to get details on any problems or issues preventing their hardware from working. With clear reports on how often each printer has been used, it’s possible for NiceLabel operators to determine when hardware is ready for preventive maintenance.
  • Alerts keep users aware of errors that occur at any point in the label printing process. This feature dispatches a custom message to a chosen employee to help cope with any type of problem.

Time to Pursue Label Software

Companies that don’t have an up-to-date and comprehensive label printing software product are missing out on the above features and more. This is why leaders can’t afford to let this part of the in-house label creation process slide.

Even a skilled team working with high-quality printers may be stymied in their efforts to improve efficiency if the software can’t keep up. To browse new NiceLabel offerings, check out DuraFast’s website. Our American page can be found here, and if you’re based in Canada, the equivalent page is here.

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